Maximal Context Size, Context Steps and Result Page Sizes

The maximal context size of ±n tokens from each search result (for the KWIC view, but also for other visualizations) can be set for the ANNIS service in the file


Using the syntax, e.g. for a maximum context of 10 tokens:


To configure which steps are actually shown in the front-end (up to the maximum allowed by the service above) and the default context selected on login, edit the setting annis.max-context in the By default, the context steps 1, 2, 5 or 10 tokens are available. To change the default step and step increment, edit the parameters default-context=5 and context-steps=5 respectively.

It is also possible to set context sizes individually per corpus. This is done by editing or adding the file to the folder ExtData within the relANNIS corpus folder before import. The names of the parameters are the same, i.e. default-context=5 and context-steps and their values override the default values in

To change the available setting for the amount of hits per result page, edit the setting results-per-page in as explained above for all corpora, or for specific corpora in within the relevant corpus.

Note that for all these setting, if multiple corpora with conflicting instructions are selected, the interface will revert to system defaults up to the most restrictive settings imposed by one of the selected corpora (i.e. if one of the selected corpora limits context to ±5 tokens, the search will obey this limit even if other corpora and the default setting allow more context).