Importing Corpora in the relANNIS format

Corpora in the relANNIS format can be imported into the ANNIS database. For information on converting corpora from other formats into relANNIS, see the Pepper documentation.

Importing a relANNIS Corpus in ANNIS Kickstarter

To import a corpus to your local Kickstarter, press the “Import Corpus” button on the Kickstarter program window and navigate to the directory containing the relANNIS directory of your corpus. Select this directory (but do not go into it) and press OK. Note that you cannot import a second corpus with the same name into the system: the first corpus must be deleted before a new one with the same name is imported.

Importing a relANNIS Corpus into an ANNIS Server

Follow the steps described in the installation section for importing the demo corpus GUM (can be downloaded from

Multiple corpora can be imported with by supplying a space-separated list of paths to relANNIS folders after the import command:

bin/ import path1 path2 ...

You can also use the -o flag to overwrite existing corpora:

bin/ import -o path1 ...