Error Codes of the administration tools

Additional to textual output the administration tools will return an error code when exiting in an error condition. On Linux you can query the exit code of the last command with

echo $?

An exit code of "0" means normal exit, everything else is an error indication.

exit code description
1 General error, no specific information.
2 The annis.home property was not set. This means the ANNIS_HOME environment variable was not set when the startup script was called.
3 The location where the annis.home/ANNIS_HOME variable points to is not an existing directory.
4 Wrong use of command line arguments.
5 Could not access the database.
6 Could not access a file.
50 Copying corpora from old installation failed.
51 Deleting a corpus failed because it does not exist.
100 Could not start the internal REST-server used for the ANNIS service (e.g. because the port was already taken).
101 There was an internal exception when trying to start the internal REST-server used for the ANNIS service.