Links to queries

If you have an external application that wants to link to a specific corpus or query in ANNIS, you can built a special URL that will trigger the query execution. The main part of the URL is the complete host and path to your ANNIS installation e.g.

In order to execute a query, you have to append a fragment (separated with a "#") containing a set of parameters. Each parameter consists of a name, the "=" character and its value. These parameters are again separated by "&", e.g. The parameters can be optionally encoded in Base64 in order to avoid any clashes with the special characters used in the fragment. A Base64 encoded parameter always starts with an underscore ("_"). E.g. if you want to specifiy the "q" parameter in Base64 encoding you name this parameter "_q".

Available parameters

Name Explanation
c A comma seperated list of corpora. If this is the only parameter instead of executing a query, the corpus will be only selected. When you use Base64 encoding the commata must be encoded as well.
q The AQL query to use.
l Limits the query to a number of matches (must be a number). If not specified no limit is applied!
s Offset ("start") for the shown matches (must be a number). Defaults to "0", so the very first matches are shown.
cl Optional left context (must be a number).
cr Optional right context (must be a number).
seg Optional parameter to specify the segmentation on which the context should be applied.