Result Window

ANNIS result window toolbar

The result window shows search results in pages of 10 hits each by default (this can be changed in the Search Form). The toolbar at the top of the window allows you to navigate between these pages. The "Token Annotations" button on the toolbar allows you to toggle the token based annotations, such as lemmas and parts-of-speech, on or off for you convenience. You can use hyperlinks to your queries by copying the current browser URL for e-mail or citation purposes, allowing others to reproduce your query.

If your corpus contains multiple alternative text layers or segmentations (e.g. normalized and un-normalized text), you may switch between these on the fly by using the "base text" menu.

KWIC concordance in ANNIS

The result list itself initially shows a KWIC (key word in context) concordance of matching positions in the selected corpora, with the matching regions marked in color and the context in black on either side. Colors in the result match the colors of search expressions in the search box (red for the search item #1, purple for #2, etc.).

Context can be adjusted for individual search results up to the maximum allowed for the current corpus. Token annotations are displayed in gray under each token, and hovering over them with the mouse will show the annotation name and namespace. More complex annotation levels can be expanded, if available, by clicking on the plus icon next to the level's name, e.g. dependencies and referent information for the annotations in the dependency tree and grid views in the picture below.

visualization of different annotation levels