Importing Corpora in the relANNIS or GraphML format

Corpora in the relANNIS or GraphML format can be imported into the ANNIS database. For information on converting corpora from other formats into relANNIS, see the Pepper documentation.

Importing a relANNIS or GraphML corpus using the administration interface

When you are logged in as an administrator (automatically in desktop version), you can change to the administration interface and use the “Import Corpus“ tab. Both the relANNIS and GraphML formats might consist of more than one file. Instead of uploading each file (uploading a directory is not possible), the corpus files must be compressed as ZIP file before they can be uploaded. On a server installation, importing a corpus will not interrupt querying other corpora that are already imported.

Importing a corpus using the command line

Per default, the embedded graphANNIS backend will store its corpus data in the ~/.annis/v4/ folder. You can download the latest released graphANNIS command line interface for your system (named annis, annis.exe or annis.osx) from the release page of graphANNIS:

The CLI can't access the corpus data folder while the ANNIS service is running. Therefore, stop the running ANNIS service (e.g. with systemctl stop annis on a server or just closing the ANNIS desktop program) and start the graphANNIS CLI with the corpus data folder.

annis ~/.annis/v4/

For a list of all available commands see the graphANNIS documentation. To import a corpus, just execute the import command followed by a path to the corpus to import, e.g.:

import /home/thomas/korpora/pcc2/

The import command allows importing GraphML files and ZIP files containing more than one corpus.