The graphANNIS library is a new backend implementation of the ANNIS linguistic search and visualization system.

It is part of the larger system with a web-based front-end, a REST-service (both written in the Java programming language). graphANNIS architecture overview As a backend, it is in charge of performing the actual AQL queries and returning the results, which can be either the number of matches, the IDs of the matches or sub-graphs for a specific set of matches.


GraphANNIS currently consists of the following sub-crates:

  • graphannis-core (core/): Generic functionality for representing, storing and querying a generic property graph.
  • graphannis (graphannis/): The complete library with support for linguistic corpora and AQL
  • graphannis-cli (cli/) : A command line interface to e.g. import corpora or search them.
  • graphannis-capi (cli/) : A C-API for graphANNIS.
  • graphannis-tutorial (examples/tutorial): An example how to use the API.